3S1 life room

26/11/22 St Ives Layering up drawings seems to produce the most interesting results. drawings from 17/12/22 – back to charcoal fundamentals, pleased with positioning of the figure in the last one. Some problems with proportions in one or the early one, top right. back in the life room 6/01/22. St Just. with a day life… Continue reading 3S1 life room

2S Attended 15-17/08/22. Newlyn Art School.

Approach was lots of quick poses, focusing on shapes and the attitude of the body; providing material for later paintings. two models in the room. I chose to do this course to allow for a more sustained period in the life room to strengthen my skills. below is a record of the work. The refocusing… Continue reading 2S Attended 15-17/08/22. Newlyn Art School.

2SB work from the life room

Life drawing record from study block 2. Aim of putting these together as record, as a means of reflection on development, and as a reference resource. Life drawing now 2 or 3 times per week to gather figurative forms for later work, to build skills in terms of ‘dry media’ as well as observation. Another… Continue reading 2SB work from the life room