2S2 AR (doll house AR) & haptic work (desk)

04/10/22 Following on from the work that I have done to add an AR layer using Artivive to one of my paintings and the work that’s been done with the NSA artists, I’m working on a Doll’s house animation for the Sticks and Bones show at The Crypt, St Ives. This work alongside the work… Continue reading 2S2 AR (doll house AR) & haptic work (desk)

2S7 Experiments in AR

Working towards integrating a digital component to my painting, I’ve been experimenting with using an animated AR overlay in relation to a painting. I’ve been making AR applications for museums for a long time, but in a team with programmers. And, as part of another funded research project, I wanted to explore and evaluate a… Continue reading 2S7 Experiments in AR