Through the lens of Folk Horror: Courbet’s late landscapes

Through the lens of Folk Horror: Courbet’s late landscapes Abstract This paper explores Jean-Désiré-Gustave Courbet’s late landscapes using Folk Horror tropes as an interpretational framework. Folk Horror is regarded as a subset of the horror genre and is therefore located within the terrain of contemporary popular culture; a concern with the otherness of the landscape,… Continue reading Through the lens of Folk Horror: Courbet’s late landscapes

Sprint 1: Work in progress

Completed work in this element of the chair series/nocturnes, using a limited colour palette. These images are now framed and will be exhibited at Christmas Krowji Open Studios. I like the sense of a ‘stage’ that emerged from these and the third image’s suggestion that a door is opening off-scene and suggesting space and, importantly,… Continue reading Sprint 1: Work in progress

S2; Troubles with Trajectories

So, the perpetual issue of how to justify one’s art to one’s self. It’s not like I am earning any income from it! I attended a talk at Norwich School of Painting on the topic of painting for a gallery. All good straight-forward stuff about how to de-risk yourself in the eyes of the gallery… Continue reading S2; Troubles with Trajectories

S1: Turner’s Light

Andrew Graham-Dixon’s talk (20/10/21) on Turner pivoted on three ideas: an obsession with light, finding a new visual mode ‘grand narrative’ in painting that differed from Rennaissance mythic depictions, and that his work was instrumental to modern notions of the artist as expressive ‘auteur’. It was his mix of romantic engagement – light, vortex, extreme… Continue reading S1: Turner’s Light

Intro: What’s folk horror?

Folk Horror is a mise-en-scene deployed by games as means of critiquing the normative, the pastoral and the familiar, focused ofen on the otherness of the landscape, or features within it the display entropy/and or the return of features showing what was once human dominion return to ‘nature’. Folk Horror’s staples are sacrifice, ritual, myth… Continue reading Intro: What’s folk horror?