SB4 (started 29/06/22) continues with the 360-derived paintings as a core activity but I will also be exploring some other modes of engaging with the landscape. I’m building a body of 360-derived work that will go into a show ‘sticks and bones’ planned for St Ives’ Crypt gallery in November. A key point of learning… Continue reading S24


The aim of this sprint is to critically evaluate and learn from the exhibition presentation of my work at two events 1. Cornwall Open Studios, 28/5 – 5/6/22; and 2. A group show at Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery, 11/06/22 – 24/06/22. Particular areas that I’ll pay attention to are: curation and presentation, audience responses, and the… Continue reading S23


Sprint 2 Term 2 The Aim: to develop a more considered and larger painting of one of the 360s. Greater focus on value, composition and colour. A more considered and measured approach to exploit the values of the flattened 360 distortions. More attention to the process, better prep, and planning. Sources for the work –… Continue reading 2S2

2SB work from the life room

Life drawing record from study block 2. Aim of putting these together as record, as a means of reflection on development, and as a reference resource. Life drawing now 2 or 3 times per week to gather figurative forms for later work, to build skills in terms of ‘dry media’ as well as observation. Another… Continue reading 2SB work from the life room


Sprint Aim: Style Experiment. Experiment with making a small series of paintings different applications of paint: tight/small brush (Gosseart), thick/loose (El Greco/Rembrandt/Velaszques), and thin/turpsywashes (James Morrison). Research each method, use different surfaces. Evaluate results. Relevant images: https://shibbolethsp.jstor.org/start?entityID=https%3A%2F%2Fshibboleth.falmouth.ac.uk%2Fidp%2Fshibboleth&dest=https://www.jstor.org/stable/42616114&site=jstor hoakley  January 14, 2016  General, Painting “From about 1870 onwards, these painterly marks were used for the following: to depict surface… Continue reading 2S1

S6 painting from 360s

Working up from the recent tree painting, I’m undertaking a series of paintings using as references 360s images. The spatial distortion is what I am interested in here and the woodland theme ties to folk horror and its preoccupation with the monstrosity. Exaggeration is what drives the process. Photographs on which these paintings are based,… Continue reading S6 painting from 360s

revisions to older landscape work and a new piece: lightness of touch versus solidity.

In preparation for an upcoming group shows, I’ve been revisiting some older landscape paintings – the show is entitled ‘Breath and Earth’ In this going back and revising, it seems to be all about the push and pull, some elements are now better, other elements have become worse with form and texture become flatter. I’m… Continue reading revisions to older landscape work and a new piece: lightness of touch versus solidity.

S4: pursuing the figurative fugitive

As a result of working in a confined area (unable to go to the studio because of fierce winds). I did some drawing from film, using immediate methods (ie charcoal, watercolour etc). These are far looser than the oil-based images, freer in terms of mark-making, more fugitive and evocative, more atmospheric. What is it about… Continue reading S4: pursuing the figurative fugitive