3S6 Spring Exhibitions & shows

28/01/23 A lot of effort this month (and several past months) has gone into collaborative work with NSA artists Kate Walters, Andrew Litton, Michelle Ohlson, Patricia Wilson-Smith & Simon Averill as well as working on a further Augmented Reality app for Tremenheere Sculpture Garden in collaboration with artists. I include this work in my blog… Continue reading 3S6 Spring Exhibitions & shows

3S4 portraiture

self-portrait in sharpie pen and biro. Aim of the thread on portraiture. To help with observation and the development of characterisation in a figurative setting, I’m attending a 2 day class every month for the coming year. I will record progress and learning here; and while this activity is about skill building primarily, and builds… Continue reading 3S4 portraiture

3S2 Painting & the art of projecting oneself into a future.

The page has posts relating to general comments about the work in this term (3). Aims, ruminations and reflective reportage. 06/01/23 This blog entry focuses on painting development over Study Block 3. I aim here to be more experimental in my approach. The theme for this study block is ‘aesthetics of emergence’. How can I… Continue reading 3S2 Painting & the art of projecting oneself into a future.

3S3 Shed developments

Points for focus, based on research. Aim to develop painting into something more committed, more contemporary yet still rocking the Folk Horror thematic. Key points of focus for this series of sprints Acid glazes, over grisaille Impossible geometries Paint effects that look like photoshop Collaged photoshop? Limited palette (blue/red eg) Composition schemas Ambition/commitment It’s been… Continue reading 3S3 Shed developments

3S2 Experimental figure

Learning from the course with Martin Campos (a figurative artist from Philadelphia) 4 days at Raw Umber Studios. Mostly focused on thinking through composition. Learning Here’s a record of the work in three blocks mixing durations of studies. Green abstracted figure saw a tangible and more ‘felt’ shift in what I was doing (I got… Continue reading 3S2 Experimental figure

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3S1 life room

26/11/22 St Ives Layering up drawings seems to produce the most interesting results. drawings from 17/12/22 – back to charcoal fundamentals, pleased with positioning of the figure in the last one. Some problems with proportions in one or the early one, top right. back in the life room 6/01/22. St Just. with a day life… Continue reading 3S1 life room

2S9 Crypt Exhibition ‘Sticks & Bones’ reflection

Post date 14/11/22 (show halfway through) Documenting here the Crypt, St Ives exhibition ‘Sticks and Bones’ reflecting on the process of putting the show together. The show was a group show, with 4 artists running from 12th November to 18th November 2022. We ran marketing for the show as well as hanging it. Our core… Continue reading 2S9 Crypt Exhibition ‘Sticks & Bones’ reflection

2S2 AR (doll house AR) & haptic work (desk)

04/10/22 Following on from the work that I have done to add an AR layer using Artivive to one of my paintings and the work that’s been done with the NSA artists, I’m working on a Doll’s house animation for the Sticks and Bones show at The Crypt, St Ives. This work alongside the work… Continue reading 2S2 AR (doll house AR) & haptic work (desk)

2S8 experimental figure

3 day course with Emily Ball focused on experimental figure work (21-23/9/22). Lots learned, and doors opened – felt like a freeing-up after a lot of tighter, preplanned painting and fiddly animation work. Learning to trust that something will come out of a life – on-the-fly way of working was perhaps the strongest sense of… Continue reading 2S8 experimental figure