2S2 AR (doll house AR) & haptic work (desk)

04/10/22 Following on from the work that I have done to add an AR layer using Artivive to one of my paintings and the work that’s been done with the NSA artists, I’m working on a Doll’s house animation for the Sticks and Bones show at The Crypt, St Ives. This work alongside the work… Continue reading 2S2 AR (doll house AR) & haptic work (desk)

2S3 Exhibitions

The aim of this sprint is to critically evaluate and learn from the exhibition presentation of my work at two events 1. Cornwall Open Studios, 28/5 – 5/6/22; and 2. A group show at Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery, 11/06/22 – 24/06/22. Particular areas that I’ll pay attention to are: curation and presentation, audience responses, and the… Continue reading 2S3 Exhibitions

S6 painting from 360s

Working up from the recent tree painting, I’m undertaking a series of paintings using as references 360s images. The spatial distortion is what I am interested in here and the woodland theme ties to folk horror and its preoccupation with the monstrosity. Exaggeration is what drives the process. Photographs on which these paintings are based,… Continue reading S6 painting from 360s

S3 Review back to chairs

The focus of Sprint 3 was to get back into drawing the figure as one of the key visual characteristics of Folk Horror is the figure in the landscape. I found that returning to figure work was challenging and raised once the issue of the relationship between the observed and the imagination, the representational with… Continue reading S3 Review back to chairs

Intro: What’s folk horror?

Folk Horror is a mise-en-scene deployed by games as means of critiquing the normative, the pastoral and the familiar, focused ofen on the otherness of the landscape, or features within it the display entropy/and or the return of features showing what was once human dominion return to ‘nature’. Folk Horror’s staples are sacrifice, ritual, myth… Continue reading Intro: What’s folk horror?