3S1 life room

26/11/22 St Ives Layering up drawings seems to produce the most interesting results.

drawings from 17/12/22 – back to charcoal fundamentals, pleased with positioning of the figure in the last one. Some problems with proportions in one or the early one, top right.

back in the life room 6/01/22. St Just.

with a day life drawing, one pose for half of the day – it’s possible to trial different materials and approaches. What was the main learning..I did get a bit a sense of ‘eye fatigue so will manage light on my paper better and not look into lights (is this something to do with Glaucoma??). In terms of skills, more eye squintage to really get a grasp on tonal transitions. My focus for at least the rest of the month with the aim of translating that into painting portraits.

Marazion 11/01/22 – 3 hours. Back to charcoal to help with the attention to tonal transitions.

Final image was a crop as I totally lost proportions – the crop is however more successful in terms of creating a sense of intimacy and atmosphere. Learning an important compositional lesson here! I now realise that I was doing a form of intuitive sight-sizing which while helping with accuracy makes it harder to make decisions about framing. Hopefully, this will inform next Saturday’s efforts. These were drawn using sharpened nitram (yellow) on grey Hahnemuhle : Ingres paper.

14/01/22 All day session St Just

My main focus was on tone in this session. sticking to simple light dark and mid provided by the paper. Extending what I did last session I added some whites and worked on some black paper. I made a lot of ‘process’ drawings that were rubbed back. I rarely work back into Life Room drawings – somehow they are of their moment, but perhaps this would be one way to make more of the time spent in the life room. As I’ve got quite a bit of time booked this month a wider plan would be helpful in justifying the time/money. Needs more thought however. What did I learn skill wise? focus on hips. shoulders configuration to help plot the rest of the body & plant the feet first (as Tim Shaw had recommended – sculpture has to be planted on th earth to stand up – we have to be planted in the earth if we aren’t to make ourselves extinct!).

18th January 2023 Marazion

Second image here was done at end of the session taking around 10 mins and it was by far the best of the bunch! Takes that long to get your eye in it seems. Drawing in the evening means fighting tiredness.


Very much freer in my approach than usual. Liquid graphite for the two sitting poses. Keeping in mind the mark making as well as a more spare approach to putting down colour as well as keeping to a limited palette. Last image is large – warms and cools playing of each other and I like the dashes around the fringe of the cushion, a foil to the softness of the tone on the body; modelling could be better now that I see a small version of the piece.

By tanyakrzywinskablog

After working in the computer industry and spending some years conducting research into cinema and digital media, I became convinced that the innovative qualities of videogames as participatory media required closer academic attention. As such I have spent most of my career championing the inclusion of games within the academy, and arguing for games as an art form, a role I continue as a Professor at Falmouth University. Alongside this, and my scholarly work on the Gothic, I also maintain, in various forms, a visual art practice. This blog comes out of enrolling on the MA Fine Art degree programme at Central Sr Martins. It is mainly a record of my reflections on the work that I have undertaken for the degree. After having written about folk horror in games and cinema as an academic, this blog will focus on folk horror as a focus for my art practice.

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