2S4 Developing on 360s

SB4 (started 29/06/22) continues with the 360-derived paintings as a core activity but I will also be exploring some other modes of engaging with the landscape. I’m building a body of 360-derived work that will go into a show ‘sticks and bones’ planned for St Ives’ Crypt gallery in November. A key point of learning… Continue reading 2S4 Developing on 360s

2S2 working from 360s

Sprint 2 Term 2 The Aim: to develop a more considered and larger painting of one of the 360s. Greater focus on value, composition and colour. A more considered and measured approach to exploit the values of the flattened 360 distortions. More attention to the process, better prep, and planning. Sources for the work –… Continue reading 2S2 working from 360s