Sprint 1: nocturne experiments

Three quick experiments in different ways of creating a moonlit atmosphere. The third one gets some way towards creating a sense of unease and the chair feels more confrontational and present. Iterations to follow.

Sprint 1: Work in progress

Completed work in this element of the chair series/nocturnes, using a limited colour palette. These images are now framed and will be exhibited at Christmas Krowji Open Studios. I like the sense of a ‘stage’ that emerged from these and the third image’s suggestion that a door is opening off-scene and suggesting space and, importantly,… Continue reading Sprint 1: Work in progress

S2:The empty chair

Chairs have featured in my work of late. This has grown out of the focus on interiors that merge with the wild or natural world and the recent work have done with a doll’s house around the theme of entropy. The chairs seem to be proliferating! What follows is a reflection on their presence and… Continue reading S2:The empty chair

S2: Triptych – inside-out series

I’ve been working on a triptych designed to be part of the inside-put series. Also serving as preparation for Christmas Krowji Open Studios (scheduled for last weekend in November). The aim was to use a limited palette of three colours (rose quinacridone, payne’s grey and unbleached titanium – providing the boule for each panel) and… Continue reading S2: Triptych – inside-out series

S2: still life landscape

I’ve been playing around with placing domestic chairs in different landscape contexts. I’ve been collecting dolls’ house chairs (junk shop buys etc) and using these as references to insert into paintings of the Cornish landscape. Conceptually, this accords with the recent ‘inside-outside’ theme, dissolving boundaries between inside (home) and outside spaces as part of a… Continue reading S2: still life landscape