Working with Mediums (of the material kind)

Solvents and Media

In an effort to change to less environmentally damaging solvents, I switched from Gamsol and Galkyd 50:50 mix to Gamblin solvent gel. The gel makes the paint very glossy but also very sticky. Transparency is retained but the paint doesn’t flow. I have also tried the liquid in the same range this is better, but it just doesn’t have the capabilities of using Gamsol to block in at the start of the painting. I like its matt qualities and the way it can separate the pigment. The 50:50 also has a better capacity to make ink-like paint which is important for detailed work and for flow-based effects. I’ll persist in trying different mediums and have used Walnut-Alkyd mix although it is said that this oil tends to yellow if kept in the dark. Water-based oils are another option but again the issue is that the consistency of the paint seems less controllable in terms of viscosity as well as lacking that lovely buttery quality.